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Target Participant (child/adolescent/adult)

The table below lists all the measures administered to the Target Participants in each study year. An x indicates that the measure was given to both cohorts in a gibe study year. A number in a cell indicates that a measure was administered just to cohort 1 (1) or to cohort 2 (2). The table can be searched for keywords. The table can also be sorted by columns to find measures given in a specific study year or at a specific age. The items included in the measure are available by selecting the measure name.

MeasureYr1 Age5Yr2 Age6Yr3 Age7Yr4 Age8Yr5 Age9Yr6 Age10Yr7 Age11Yr8 Age12Yr9 Age13Yr10 Age14Yr11 Age15Yr12 Age16Yr13 Age17Yr14 Age18Yr15 Age19Yr16 Age20Yr17 Age21Yr18 Age22Yr19 Age23Yr20 Age24Yr21 Age25Yr22 Age26Yr23 Age27Yr24 Age28Yr30 Age34
Activity Involvementxx
Activity Schedulex
Adolescent Behavior
Adolescent Q.xx
Adolescent Storiesx
Adult Self Reportxxx
After School Time Usex
Aggression in the Social Worldx
Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT)x
All About My Friendsx
Antisocial Personality Disorderx
Attitudes About Behaviorx
Behavioral & Psychological Controlxx
Cannabis Use Disorder Identification/a>x
Career & Future Aspirationsxx
Assessment of Relationships Between Young-Adult Parents and Their Childrenxxxx
CDP Assessment of Relationships with Other Adultsxx
Changes & Adjustmentsxxxx
Church Activities, Social Organizations, and Service Groupsx
Civic Engagementxxxx
Community Experiences Q.x
Conflict Tactics Scale - Self-Report about Own Parenting Behaviorx
Contact with Police/Court Systemx
Contact with Police/Court Systemxxxxx
Current Life Circumstancesxxx
Dating Questionnairex
Doing Things With Your Friendsx
Doing Things With Your Romantic Partnerxxx
Drug Abuse Screening Testx
Drug/Alcohol Usexxx
Dyadic Adjustmentxxx
Education Informationxx
Employment Historyxx
Extracurricular Activity Surveyx
Extracurricular Activity Survey 2xx
Family Structure While Growing Upx
Fear of Crimex
Financial Assetsx
General Violence Questionnairexxxx
Health Behaviorx
Health Statusxx
Home Interview with Childxxxx
Identity Stylex
Important Figures in My Lifex
Information Sheetx
Interpersonal Reactivity Indexx
Life Eventsxx
Loneliness & Social Dissatisfactionx
Me & My Friendsxx
Military Servicex
Neighborhoods & Government Programsx
Normative Beliefs About Aggressionx
Overview of Sexual Experiencesxx
Parent Adolescent Interaction Taskxx
Parent Involvementxxx
Parent Questionnaire - Offspringx
Parenting, After-School Care, Peer Relationshipsx
Parent-Peer Relationsx
Peer Drug Use Scalexxx
Peer Relationshipsxx
Percentage of Friends Who Use Alcohol,
Perceptions about Parentingx
Personal Descriptionx
Personal Information Formxxxxxxxx
Personality Q.x
Positive Experiences of Career, Friends, Civic Involvement, and Interestsx
Reactive/Proactive Q.x
Recent Growthx
Relationship Conflict Tactics Scalexxxx
Romantic Partner Violencex
Romantic Partner Violencex
Romantic Relationship Questionnairexxxxxx
SACA for Adultsx+A25:Z25
href="">SACA for Young Adult - Revisedxxxx
Schema Typicalityx
School Activities & Strengths Q.x
Self-Care Q.x
Sentence Completionx
Shortened Inventory of Problems – Alcohol and Drugsx
Shortened Relationship Conflict Tactics Scalex
Shortened Relationship Style Questionnairexxxx
Social Info Processing Assessmentx
Social Problem Solving xxxx
Substance Abuse and Dependencex
Survey of Couplesx
Things That Happen to Mexxxx
Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugsxxx
Video Stories: Social Info Processingxxxxxx
Where You Have Livedxxx
WISC-R scalesx
Work Experiencexx
Young Adult Behavior Questionnairexxxxx
Young Adult Self Reportxx
Youth Characteristics Q.x
Youth Self Report Formxxxxxxxxx