Dyadic synchrony in mother-child interaction: Relations with children’s subsequent kindergarten adjustment.

Harrist, A. W., Pettit, G. S., Dodge, K. A., & Bates, J. E. (1994). Dyadic Synchrony in Mother-Child Interaction: Relation with Children’s Subsequent Kindergarten Adjustment. Family Relations, 43(4), 417–424.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2307/585373

Abstract: This study examines the utility of a dyadic conceptualization of parent-child interaction. Thirty kindergarteners were observed at home for 4 hours. Each mother-child interaction was rated in terms of the dyadic interaction style exhibited. These patterns were used to predict school adjustment rated by teachers, peers, and observers. Positive adjustment was predicted by high levels of positive synchrony, low levels of nonsynchrony, and low levels of negative synchrony in mother-child interaction.